quinta-feira, 25 de maio de 2017

Propo'88 - Astronomic Delight (2017)

1. Alpha (Bringing The Beat)
2. Knowledge Of Self (Ft. Glad2Mecha)
3. Dee Original Shit (Ft. Self The Bluest Eye)
4. The Anticipated (Ft. Wildelux)
5. Extra Extra (Ft. Hex One)
6. My Typa Style (Ft. BlabberMouf)
7. Amped Up (Ft. Tek-Nition)
8. Who Are You? (Ft. Cee Major)
9. Nobody's Smiling (Astronomic Interlude)
10. Said So (Ft. Inseyed)
11. Check (Ft. Corto Maltez)
12. Omega (Astronomic Outro) 


The Anticipated (Ft. Wildelux)

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