sábado, 27 de maio de 2017

Illinformed - The Mould Tape (2015)

1. Where's the Bud featuring Eric the Red, Leaf Dog and DJ Riseone
2. Still Slippin featuring BVA
3. War Drum featuring Leaf Dog, Eric the Red, Index, OAB, Smellington Piff and Jack Jetson
4. Gutter Funk featuring Bill Shakes, Physiks, Sean Peng and DJ Acidrain
5. Blunderbuss featuring Sonnyjim, Fliptrix and DJ Getts
6. Back Down featuring BVA and Leaf Dog
7. Half Dead featuring Jam Baxter, Lee Scott and Bill Shakes
8. Nine to Five featuring Leaf Dog, Eric the Red and DJ Riseone
9. Blunt Rock featuring Cheech the Grim Reefer and Stinkin Slumrok
10. Long Nights featuring Smellington Piff, BVA, Q Unique and Leaf Dog
11. The Platoon featuring Split Prophets
12. Everything to Gain featuring Tony Broke and Bang On
13. Smokey featuring Cracker Jon, Verb T and Life MC
14. Gettin Mouldy featuring JMan


Where's the Bud

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