quinta-feira, 18 de maio de 2017

Jeru // Gang Starr Foundation LIVE (Amsterdam 2016)

Snider - Various Changes (2014)

1.2014 (Intro) (prod by Snider)
2.Send A Message (feat. Crafty) (prod. by Snider)
3.Noble Way (feat. Bilbow Baggingz) (prod. by Snider)
4.Word (prod. by Snider)
5.Reminiscing (prod. by Snider)
6.Reality Check (Interlude) (prod. by Prospect)
7.From The Soul (prod. by Snider)
8.Gotta Live (prod. by Snider)
9.Young Child Pt.1 (prod. by Dornik)
10.Approach Bro (prod. by Snider)
11.No Dough (feat. Floetic Jay K.I.D) (prod. by Snider)
12.Straight Forward (feat. Crafty Ramzey) (prod. by Snider)
13.Mind Travel (feat. Josephine) (prod. by Snider)
14.Everyday (prod. by Snider)
15.Leftovers (feat. Verbz) (prod. by Snider)
16.Face To Face (prod. by Snider)
17.Various Changes (prod. by Snider)



BK' - Sigo Na Sombra [Videoclipe Oficial]

Jazz Spastiks & Rebels To The Grain - Unkut Fresh (2015)

1. Grab The Mic (Intro)
2. Yes Yes (Fresh Mix)
3. Special Feature
4. Tapes
5. Blastin'
6. Stop, Look and Listen
7. Pass It
8. Music
9. Unkut Fresh
10. Beats/Styles
11. Hitcha
12. We Ain't Fadin'
13. Tightly Sealed
14. Boombox
15. The Goods (Fresh Mix)



domingo, 14 de maio de 2017

quarta-feira, 10 de maio de 2017

George Fields - Glad To Meet You (2015)

1. Feel Like That ft. Glad2Mecha, Realistic
2. Worldwide ft. Triple C, Glad2Mecha
3. How Are You? ft. John Robinson, Glad2Mecha
4. Get Up! ft. Doam Peace, Glad2Mecha
5. On and On (skit)
6. How It Went Down ft. Glad2Mecha, Alildab
7. Just Like Before ft. AG, Glad2Mecha
8. Feel Like That (Instrumental)
9. Worldwide (Instrumental)
10. How Are You? (Instrumental)
11. Get Up (Instrumental)
12. How It Went Down
13. Just Like Before (Instrumental)


How It Went Down

segunda-feira, 8 de maio de 2017

Saint Russ & Herbology - Major Mellow Out Mexico (2017)

01.Major Mellow
02.Heavy Heads (Ft. Bria The Jenyes)
04.From The Soil
05.Don't Get Sick
07.No Time Wasted
08.Deeper Than Rap
09.The Outlet (Ft. DougiFlaymz)
10.Out Mexico



quinta-feira, 4 de maio de 2017

C.E.B. - The 1993 Demos (2016)

1. Diggi-Dun-Dun
2. The Come Up
3. Fuck That
4. Somethin' Nice
5. Sum DJ
6. Monkey See,Monkey Do
7. Back In The Days
8. Kick It In The Hood
9. Housin' The Show Featuring - Lux, Bluntmaster
10. M.D. (Alternate Version)



Thiago Ultra Apresenta - HD do Ultra Mixtape Vol. 4 (2017)

pesar de não ser Dj, uma das coisas que eu mais gosto de fazer são mixtapes (só dedicada aos anos 90 foram 40) .
A Mixtape HD DO ULTRA é um projeto no qual compartilharei um pouco das coisas que ouço e tenho guardado no meu Hard Disk.
Serão um total de 12 mixtapes , uma a cada mês , propagando ainda mais a cultura underground.
Apertem o cinto e embarquem nessa viagem.
Dedico essa mixtape ao meu mano PTT, um grande fã de Boom Bap assim como eu.

1 Kardinal Ofishall - Make it happen
2 Godfather Don - Do my thing
3 BADBADNOTGOOD - MAss Appeal / Transmission
4 Damu the Fudgemunk - The Bright Side
5 Pudgee - The Everyday Routine
6 Heather B - Sendin em back
7 Loopack - Long Awaited (feat. Dilated Peoples)
8 Jigmastas - Comments to the sure
9 George Fields - Lost your step
10 Pete Rock - Massive
11 Control Machete - Comprendes Mendes
12 Lady luck - They call
13 Channel live - Mad izm (feat. Krs One)
14 Demigodz - Under My Skin (instrumental)
15 Mykill Miers - Wanna be An mc
16 Funkdoobiest -Rock on (Instrumental)
17 Jeru The Damaja - You Can't Stop The Prophet (Remix)
18 Royce 59 - My friend
19 Insight - 12 Monkeys
20 Masterminds - Bring it back


Jeru The Damaja - You Can't Stop The Prophet .Remix