quinta-feira, 25 de junho de 2015

The Verbal Surgeon - The Science of Tactics (2013)

1.Dutches (prod. Loop Holes)
2.Fever Freestyle (prod. Loop Holes)
3.Float On ft. Inkorrect (prod. Soulkit)
4.From the Soul (prod. Loop Holes)
5.How I Feel (prod. Loop Holes)
6.Bully Raps ft. Hassaan Mackey (prod. Hassaan Mackey)
7.Drunken Bars
8.Love Letters to Anonymous pt. 1 (prod. Jusoul)
9.Trapped (prod. Concept)
10.Resentment (prod. Jayyeah)
11.Don’t Come Around Here (prod. T.O.)
12.Smooth Damage ft. Portrey Youth (prod. Space Gang)
13.Let Me Do What I Wanna Do To Ya (prod. Jusoul)
14.Godzilla Bankrolls ft. Vorheez (prod. Space Gang)
16.Warfare ft. Vorheez (self produced)
17.Stop, Drop, Rock & Roll ft. Tugboat (prod. Myke Forte)
18.Still Underground ft. Tugboat (prod. Mr.Green)
19.Trouble’s Web (prod. Loop Holes)
20.What’s Love (prod. J Dilla)
21.The Odyssey (prod. Mondee)



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