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Living Legends - Classic (2005) [RE-UPADO]

Esse bonde era sinistro...formado por Aesop , Bicasso , Eligh , The Grouch , Luckyiam , MURS , Scarub e Sunspot Jonz ...

1.Intro [Prod by DJ Epik]
2.It's us [Prod by Eligh]
3.Blast Your radio [Prod by Madlib]
4.Brand New [Prod by DJ Khalil]
5.Good Fun (feat. Nara) [Prod by Bean One]
6.Busted [Prod by the Grouch]
7.Never Fallin [Prod by DJ Khalil]
8.Tears and Pain [Prod by Eligh]
9.The Horn Song [Prod by the Grouch]
10.Wise is the Way [Prod by Eligh]
11.Even Though [Prod by Bean One]
12.The Deepest Breath (feat. Nara) [Prod by Kruse]
13.Down for Nothin [Prod by Eligh]
14.Man Who Sold the World part 2 [Prod by Sunspot Jonz]
15.After I'm Gone [Prod by Eligh]



Elusive & Mr Brady - The Gift And The Curse (2012)

sexta-feira, 29 de agosto de 2014

Bamcirca86 X Freddie Joachim - God Jah Speed Bless (2011) [RE-UPADO]

L.I.F.E. Long and Black Sparx - The Waiting Game (2010) [RE-UPADO]

01. Waiting Speech
02. As The Sand Sinks
03. Veteran (feat. DJ JS-1)
04. Brand New Day (feat. Hastyle Da Barber Artist, Rashan (I-Roc) & Preacher Mann)
05. Hey
06. Crack In Da Booth (feat. Rich Porter)
07. Get Up Off It (feat. Melodic Yowza)
08. In Da Cut (feat. Respect Tha God)
09. The Waiting Game
10. Rip It Interlude (feat. Melodic Yowza & Natural Bless)
11. Sound Boy Burial
12. Cash Out (feat. Elohem Star)
13. That Ahhhh
14. While You Wait (feat. Impress Stahhr & Iomos Marad)
15. Legendary Status
16. Soul Food (feat. Respect Tha God & Elohem Star)
17. Current Events
18. Change Today
19. Dr. Martin Luther King Waiting Out



quinta-feira, 28 de agosto de 2014

Camp Lo - Luchini (aka this is it) 12'' (1996)

01 Luchini Aka this is it (Radio Edit)
02 Swing Feat Ish Aka Butterfly (Radio Edit)
03 Luchini Aka this is it (Instrumental)
04 Coolie High (Radio_Edit)
05 Coolie High (Red Handeds Tapemaster Remix)
06 Coolie High (Instrumental)


quarta-feira, 27 de agosto de 2014

Born Jamericans - Yardcore (vls) (1996)



quarta-feira, 13 de agosto de 2014

Acts 29 - Under Exposed (2002)

01. Intro
02. See Clear
03. Blank Minds
04. Shoot Out
05. SP 2001
06. Sweet Tooth (feat. Tiffany Simpson)
07. Overnight (feat. Othello & Tiffany Simpson)
08. Deja Vu
09. Statements
10. Posse on Burnside (feat. Ethic & Othello)
11. Missionary Dater
12. Family Life (feat. Othello, Joe Lander, & Tiffany Simpson)
13. Hurts to See (feat. Tiffany Simpson)
14. We Know
15. When the Smoke Clears
16. Come On (feat. Katie Partridge)
17. Confessions (feat. Tiffany Simpson & Katie Partridge)



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