domingo, 1 de setembro de 2013

Almighty presents - Iron Cladzmen - The IC 2 LP (2011)

1. Spit Live feat. M-Eighty and Canibus
2. M.R.C. feat. M-Eighty and Planet Asia
3. Verseastylez feat. Pryme Prolifik
4. Welcome to... feat. Blame One and Pryme Prolifik
5. Still Reign Supreme feat. M-Eighty, Jaecyn Bayne, Son One, Chopp Devize, DZK and Canibus
6. Tranquil Hymns feat. Kevlaar 7 and M-Eighty
7. Generals feat. Pryme Prolifik and Son One
8. Monsta feat C Rayz Walz, Jaecyn Bayne and David Fingers Haynes
9. Fly Away feat. Killah Priest, M-Eighty and Bronze Nazareth
10. Emergency Broadcast (RMX) feat. Mark Deez and Canibus
11. Free Promo Song



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