terça-feira, 6 de agosto de 2013

Brother Beatbox - Vol. II (2013)

1.Ego (feat. Deeflux)
2.Trade Root (feat. Sequenced Mindset)
3.Leave Me Alone (feat. Metafisix)
4.Don't Know Any Better (feat. Diluted Thought)
5.100% (feat. Mikey T)
6.Feel Good (feat. Ash MC & Deeflux)
7.Tell It (feat. Rockwell Powers & Chuckie Steel)
8.Cold Soul (feat. Tenchoo, Deeflux & Lego)
9.Laidback (feat. Brassik & Mikey T)
10.What'cha Gonna Do (feat. Non Flaco)
11.Empress Moth (feat. Deeflux)
12.Great Minds Combine (feat. Rebels To The Grain)
13.You (feat. Bear The Astronot)



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