sábado, 1 de junho de 2013

Afu-Ra - Lyrical Surgery (Bootleg) (2003)

01. None of yall ft 4Lyn
02. Big acts little acts (Dj Premier remix)
03. Mic stance (original version)
04. Uno momento ft. Rca
05. Trilogy of terror ft. Hannibal Stax and Guru
06. Whirlwind thru cities (Rhyme Animal remix)
07. Whirlwind 2
08. Voodoo child ft. Dj Cam
09. Voodoo child (Dj Premier remix) ft. Dj Cam
10. Russian roulette ft. Dj Tomekk
11. Heidi (that girl) ft. Dj Tomekk
12. Lyrical surgery ft. Dj Tonk
13. Through these veins ft. Funky Fresh
14. Freestyle (future flavas) ft. Nature
15. Freestyle (domepiece)



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