quinta-feira, 18 de abril de 2013

Emcer - Why Am I Here? LP (2013)

01.Big Headed (Prod. Cappah)
02.Official Warning (Prod. Zone)
03.Don't Have It All Upstairs (Prod. Sirrealist)
04.World Spins Forever (Prod. Quatro)
05.Dedicated (Prod. Aseck)
06.Caught Me With Her Smile (Prod. Quatro)
07.Why Am I Here (Prod. Eskupe)
08.All Thats Given (Prod. Aseck)
09.Do You Feel What Im Sayin Feat. Maiselph (Prod. Quatro)
10.All I Got Is My Name (Prod. Quatro)
11.Never Made A Dollar (Prod. Deveous Dems)
12.Until (Prod. Sirrealist)
13.Value Of Life (Prod. Veks)
14.The Evil (Prod. Sirrealist)
15.Who Da F-ck I Be (Prod. Sirrealist)



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