sábado, 2 de fevereiro de 2013

Juan Armin - From Maine 2 Miami (2012)

1.Another Chance (Prod. By Big Jerm)
2.String Theory (Prod. By The Passion HiFi)
3.Protege (Prod. By Mike G)
4.Pretty Bad I Guess (Prod. By Mike G)
5.The Mailbox Game (Prod. By Fat Jon)
6.Runaway (Prod. By Big Jerm)
7.Orlando! (Prod. By Q-Bundlez)
8.Sand Castles (Prod. By TyCo)
9.Dump Em' Out (Prod. By Big Jerm)
10.Blackout (Prod. By Flawless)
11.Symphony (Prod. By Young Haze)
12.Blunt Smoke (Prod. By Mike G)
13.The Afterparty (Prod. By FrozenJazz)
14.Tell Me (Prod. By Mike G)
15.Maverick (Prod. By Bugseed)



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Lagry disse...

ey, can you reupload the DJ JS ONE - Ground Original (2003) ??

thanks !! cheers from Spain