domingo, 22 de julho de 2012

Zeeq - Free Time (2012)

01: Intro (ft. Conscious PIG)
02: The ZYC (prod. by L'Jones)
03: Back Then: The Past (prod. by Ta-Ku)
04: Coming of Age (prod. by Ta-Ku)
05: Pour Me A Cup (prod. by Soul Chef)
06: Bugged Interlude (prod. by Beatowski)
07: Bugged (ft. Big Wint) [prod. by Vikktor Stone]
08: Free Time: The Present (prod by. ShainCaw)
09: HHH (ft. Freddy Laz) [prod. by Freddy Laz]
10: How I'm Feelin' (prod. by Thallus)
11: Thrills (prod. by Ta-Ku)
12: Drifting (prod. by Sango)
13: Pac (Interlude)
14: Live To Tell (prod. by DRD)
15: The Future (prod. by Sango)
16: Last Laugh (ft. Scene & Superficial) [prod. by Superficial]
17: Sailing NOT Selling (Remix) ***
18: Special Place *** (prod. by Sango)


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