domingo, 17 de junho de 2012

Actual proof - The talented tenth (2011)

The Martin Luther King, Jr Experience

1. Dream [prod. 9th Wonder]
2. Let Me Ride [prod. 9th Wonder]
3. Coast 2 (ft. Tyler Woods) [prod. Eric G]
4. Light it Up [prod. Eric G]
5. Peace Zulu (ft. Halo) [prod. Sinopsis]
6. Like That [prod. Eric G]
7. Letta’ to Correta (ft. Bird & The Midnight Falcons) [prod. Khrysis]
8. All in My Mind [prod. 9th Wonder]
9. The March [prod. Khrysis]
10. The Talented Tenth [prod. 9th Wonder]

The Malcolm X Experience

11. Super Genius (ft. Cutlass Reid, Skewby, Naledge, Add2theMC, Kendrick Lamar, Brittany Street, The Kid Daytona, & Laws) [prod. 9th Wonder]
12. Detroit Red [prod. Khrysis]
13. Great Minds [prod. AMP]
14. All Basic [prod. AMP]
15. It’s Simple [prod. Ka$h]
16. Let Cha Know [prod. Khryis]
17. Breathe (ft. Rapsody) [prod. AMP]
18. Whole Crew [prod. AMP]
19. Desegregation (ft. Thee Tom Hardy & Sean Boog) [prod. Khrysis]
20. The X Factor [prod. Khrysis]



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