terça-feira, 14 de fevereiro de 2012

Sunz of man - The Last Shall Be First (1998)

2.Cold (Produced By. 4th Disciple)
3.Natural High (Produced By. Supreme)
4.Flaming Swords (Produced By. True Master)
5.Illusions (feat. Masta Killa) (Produced By. 4th Disciple)
6.Shining Star (feat. Ol' Dirty Bastard) (Produced By. Wyclef Jean)
7.Israeli News (Produced By. Supreme)
8.Tribulations (Produced By. RZA)
9.The Interview (Produced By. 4th Disciple)
10.The Plan (Produced By. 4th Disciple)
11.Collaboration '98 (feat. Method Man) (Produced By. True Master)
12.Inmates To The Fire (Produced By. RZA)
13.Not Promised Tomorrow (Produced By. 4th Disciple)
14.For The Lost Of Money/The Grandz (Produced By. True Master)
15.Can I See You (Produced By. RZA)
16.The Battle
17.Next Up (feat. Method Man) (Produced By. True Master)
18.Intellectuals (feat. Raekwon & U God) (Produced By. True Master)
19.Five Arch Angels (Produced By. 4th Disciple)



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