terça-feira, 15 de novembro de 2011

Blee - Cosmos Road (2010)

01. Intro
02. Almost Happy (feat. Helen Eriksen)
03. Everything I do (feat. Substantial)
04. Posses (feat. Prince Po from Organized Konfusion, Othello from Lightheaded,
05. Feelings
06. Nice Guy (feat. Louis Logic)
07. Double Down (feat. Main Flow from Mood, Crunch E.X.)
08. Figured Out (feat. Wise Intelligent from Poor Rightious Teachers, Othello from Lightheaded)
09. First Impressions
10. I n I universe (feat. Jazzy Ivy)
11. Where Dreams are Made of (feat. Othello from Lightheaded)
12. Love's a Choice (feat. Alanna Stewart)
13. Midnight Road
14. Writing a Book (feat. Noah 23)
15. Guiding our Directions (feat. A.B.D.)
16. Rainy Days
17. The Beyond Here (feat. Othello from Lightheaded)
18. Sound Wine (feat. Pento, VON, JA)
19. Definition of ill
20. Speaking from the Heart Remix (feat. Supastition (Bonus Track)
21. Mirage

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