quarta-feira, 7 de setembro de 2011

Median - The Sender (2011)

01. Take A Chance (Feat. Phonte) (Produced by Kev Brown)
02. Bright Indivial (Produced by Khrysis)
03. Open My Thoughts (Produced by 9th Wonder)
04. Turn Ya On (Feat. Phonte & Big Remo) (Produced by S1)
05. Crazy Visions (Produced by Khrysis)
06. Okie Dokers (Feat. Khrysis) (Produced by Khrysis)
07. Fresh Breath (Feat. Sundown Of Actual Proof & King Mez) (Produced by 9th Wonder)
08. Sizzlin (Feat. Rapsody) (Produced by Fatin "10" Horton)
09. Right On (Feat. Halo) (Produced by 9th Wonder)
10. Hi Five (Produced by Amp)
11. Special (Feat. Phonte, YahZarah & Bahamadia) (Produced by Astronote)
12. Kiss the Sky (Feat. Sy Smith) (Produced by 9th Wonder)
13. The Sender (Produced by 9th Wonder)



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