quinta-feira, 3 de março de 2011

J.Period, John Legend & The Roots - Wake Up! Radio (2011)

01. Prologue: Inner City Blues (feat. Black Thought & John Legend)
02. Rise & Shine (feat. Black Thought, Blu & John Legend)
03. Wake Up! Radio (Interlude) (feat. Black Thought)
04. Hard Times (J.Period Remix) (feat. Black Thought, John Legend & Dead Prez)
05. Dolla Out A Dime (Interlude) (feat. James Brown)
06. In The Ghetto (Wake Up!) (feat. Black Thought, Rakin & John Legend)
07. Little Ghetto Boy (J.Period Remix) (feat. Q-Tip, Black Thought, John Legend)
08. We Love Roll Call (Interlude) (feat. Nina Simone)
09. Misunderstood (feat. Common)
10. Message In Our Music (Interlude) (feat. Common & Mary J. Blige)
11. Eleanor Ridgby (Interlude)
12. Dillanor Ridby (J.Period Remix) (feat. Blu, Porn, Black Thought & John Legend)
13. The Wake Up! Players Band (Interlude) (feat. Questlove)
14. Compared To What (Interlude) (feat. Roberta Flack)
15. Comapred To What (J.Period Remix) (feat. John Legend)
16. Pain & Inspiration (Interlude) (feat. John Legend & Nina Simone)
17. Strange Fruit (Remix) (feat. Common, John Legend & Nina Simone)
18. Who’s Gonna Take The Weight (Interlude)
19. Walk On (J.Period Remix) (feat. Black Thought & Isaac Hayes)
20. Could The Drumme Have Some (Interlude)
21. In The Park (J.Period Remix) (feat. Black Thought)
22. Our Generation (Interlude) (feat. Ernie Hines)
23. Our Generation (J.Period Remix) (feat. John Legend, Pete Rock & CL Smooth)
24. Give Me That Message (Interlude) (feat. Sam Cooke)
25. Hang On In There (J.Period Remix) (feat. Black Thought & John Legend)
26. The Love Doctor (Interlude) (feat. Jimmy Fallon)
27. Love The Way It Should Be (J.Period Remix) (feat. Nneka)
28. Hey Love (Interlude) (feat. Posdnuos, Jimmy Fallon, Kanye West & K’Naan)
29. Ease My Troubling Min (Interlude) (feat. Sam Cooke)
30. People Get Ready (J.Period Remix) (feat. Aretha Franklin)
31. Wake Up! Radio Sign-Off (Outtro)
32. Epilogue Wake Up, Everybody! (feat. Mayda Del Valle)



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