sexta-feira, 25 de março de 2011

D-Tension Presents Contacts & Contracts (2002)

A milianos que eu estava atrás desse disco...enfim achei...graças ao meu mano Everton Tiguira

01 7L - Whos that
02 Encore - Its Time(Ode to Breaking Atoms)
03 Checkmark, Esoteric, and Mic Styles - Thin Line
04 Thirstin Howl III - Orgasms
05 Contact - Interlude
06 Akrobatik - the Fugitive
07 El Da Sensei - Hard Times (Hard Rhymes)
08 D-Tension - My Fashion Statement
09 Breez Evahflowin - Open
10 L Fudge - A Night at Hunts Point
11 Contacts - Interlude
12 Mr. Lif - Trouble Shooting
13 Clockworx - Rudi
14 Apani B - True and Exact
15 Pizza Shit - Interlude
16 D-Tension - the Producer



quinta-feira, 24 de março de 2011

DJ Premier - New York Reality Check 101 (1997)

Desculpa pela demora mano...

1. Intro
2. J-Live - Braggin' Writes
3. Brainwash - Break It Down
4. Laster feat. Ed O.G. - Off Balance
5. G-Depp - Head Over Wheels
6. Skit
7. Natural Elements - Lyrical Tactics
8. Company Flow - 8 Steps To Perfection
9. Shades Of Brooklyn - Change
10. L The Head Toucha - Too Complex
11. Intro
12. Street Smartz - Metal Thangz
13. Rezidue - Inner City Blues
14. Godfather Don - Properties Of Steel
15. Brainsick Mob - Mixmaster
16. Choclair - 21 Years
17. Outro
18. Finsta Bundy - Feel The High Pt. 2



Elzhi - Out Of Focus 1998

01. Broken Frames (Theory 13)
02. Scattered Pictures
03. Musick (The Last Days Of Hip Hop)
04. Horney Joint
05. S.A.R.A.H. Intro (Feat. Dwele)
06. Someone As Real As Her (Feat. Dwele)
07. Interlude (Feat. Dwele)
08. Choose
09. What I Am
10. The Big F.U.
11. Boomerang Slang
12. Where It All Begins (Feat. Big Tone)



quarta-feira, 23 de março de 2011

Raekwon - The Lex Diamond Story (2003)

Ta ai mano...

01. The Lex Diamond Story (Intro)
02. Pit Bull Fights (Feat. Polite)
03. Hitman Salary (Skit)
04. King Of Kings (Feat. Havoc)
05. Missing Watch (Feat. Ghostface Killah & Polite)
06. All Over Again
07. Clientele Kidd (Feat. Fat Joe & Ghostface Killah)
08. Smith Bros.
09. Restaurant (Skit)
10. Robbery (Feat. Ice Water Inc.)
11. Fuck You (Skit)
12. Pa-Blow Escablow
13. Musketeers Of Pig Alley (Feat. Masta Killa & Inspectah Deck)
14. Ice Cream Pt. 2 (Feat. Method Man & Cappadonna)
15. The Hood (Feat. Tiffany Villarreal)
16. Wild Chimpanzees (Skit)
17. Planet Of The Apes (Feat. Capone & Sheek Louch)
18. Wyld In Da Club (Feat. Ultra & Ice Water Inc.)
19. Once Upon A Time (Feat. Tekitha)
20. The Lex Diamond Story (Outro)



terça-feira, 22 de março de 2011

Think Twice - Rock To This Beat (2008)


1. Morning After Blues (feat. Velvet Trench Vibes)
2. All I Do (feat. Schubert & Eternia)
3. Tell Me (feat. Fineprint & Schubert)
4. So Hard To Say Goodbye (feat. Manchilde)
5. Supernova (feat. Coates)
6. Back Then(feat. Karma)
7. Do You Want Me f. Schubert
8. AJ’s Instrumental
9. Money In The Rhymebook (feat. Coates)
10. God Bless The Childe (feat. Manchilde)
11. Hands Clap (feat. Lotus & Golden Boy)
12. They Don’t Know (feat. The 49ers)
13. Piano Break
14.Do You Want Me [Reprise] (feat. Schubert & Tali)



Premium Plus (Seekz & DJ Extremidiz) - Fresh Out Tha Box (2010)

01. Intro
02. Back In The Building
03. Ow Shit feat. Tame One
04. Chatterin Gumz
05. Real Recognize Real
06. That’s The Sound
07. Fuck You!!
08. Bring It Back
09. Been Around
10. No T.V. 4 Me
11. Creeps
12. K.K.B.



The Left - Gas Mask (2010)

Grupo de Detroid formado pelo produtor Apollo Brown,o mc Journalist 103 e Dj Soko.

01. Change
02. Gas Mask
03. Frozen (feat. Kool G Rap)
04. Battle Axe (feat. Mu)
05. Binoculars
06. How We Live (feat. Hassaan Mackey)
07. Chokehold (feat. Paradime)
08. The Funeral
09. Statistics (feat. Invincible)
10. Real Detroit (feat. MarvWon)
11. The Melody
12. Reporting Live (feat. Guilty Simpson)
13. Fooled For Thought
14. Desperation
15. Caged Birds (feat. Finale)
16. Homage (feat. Frank West)
17. Get In Where You Fit In


Caded Birds

segunda-feira, 21 de março de 2011

MF Doom & MF Grimm - MF (2000)

1 Doomsday Remix
2 No Snakes Alive (King Ghidra a.k.a. MF Doom, Rodan & Jet Jaguar a.k.a. MF Grimm)
3 Impostas
4 The Original Remix
5 Break Em Off
6 Dedicated
7 The Original
8 Doomsday Remix (Instrumental)
9 No Snakes Alive (Instrumental)
10 Impostas (Instrumental)
11 The Original Remix (Instrumental)
12 Break Em Off (Instrumental)
13 Dedicated (Instrumental)
14 The Original (Instrumental)



sexta-feira, 18 de março de 2011

The Upstarts - The Know How ( 2007 )

01. Got What it Takes
02. Paradise
03. Natural Feat. Latanya Lockett
04. The Biz Feat. Blest
05. Thursday Night
06. Times Right
07. Real Definition Feat. Grap Luva
08. Stand Up
09. Grand Design Feat. Grap Luva & Kev Brown
10. Boogie
11. So Nice
12. Trouble
13. Always



quinta-feira, 17 de março de 2011

David Banner and 9th Wonder - Death of A Pop Star-2010

1. Diamonds On My Pinky
2. No Denying (Channel 3)
3. Mas 4
4. The light
5. Slow Down
6. Be With You (feat. Ludacris)
7. Stutter (feat. Anthony Hamilton)
8. Silly (feat. Erykah Badu)
9. Something Is Wrong (feat. Lisa Ivey)
10. Strange (feat. Big remo)



sexta-feira, 11 de março de 2011

People Under The Stairs - The Next Step (1998)

People Under the Stairs (em português: Pessoas Embaixo das Escadas, abreviado P.U.T.S.) são um grupo de hip hop alternativo de Los Angeles, Califórnia, composto por dois MCs: Thes One e Double K. Ambos os membros também trabalham como DJ (Double K faz os scratchings nos álbuns do grupo) e Thes One se tornou conhecido na comunidade underground do hip hop como um grande produtor, tendo trabalhado com J-Live, Giant Panda, Cut Chemist, entre outros. O grupo lançou sete álbuns desde sua formação em 1997.

fonte: wikipédia

1. Intro 4 Everybody
2. Death Of A Salesman
3. Hardcore
4. Wannabes
5. Ten Tough Guys
6. Mid-City Fiesta
7. Slow Bullet
8. San Francisco Knights
9. The Turndown
10. Time To Rock Our Shit
11. The Tamburo
12. Los Angeles Daze
13. The Next Step II
14. D.A.R.E.
15. Asshole
16. Play It Again Outro



Coleção primavera verão

Esse é o cd do meu mano Takin,lá de Porto alegre..e cd é só de instrumentais,e conta com 18 beats,todos produzido pelo cara...tem beats pra todos os gostos...só baixar e dar um conferte,pq o trabalho do mano é de qualidade...

1-Origem (intro)
2-A Viagem
4-Dois em Um
8-Pronto pra Guerra
9-E Foi Né Meu
11-Seja Sempre
13-Mudando de Musa
15-Só Pra Fica Esperto
16-Slow Breeze
17-Conversa do Vento
18-Sound Of Rain



krate krusaders volume 1

Pedrada me passada pelo meu parceiro Millhouse...



quinta-feira, 10 de março de 2011

A-Class - Motive Response (2007)

01. We Are Here
02. Make You Say
03. Takes On Rap
04. Artwork
05. Radios
06. Turnfiya
07. Blackout
08. Face Card
09. A-Music
10. Sweat This
11. And It Goes
12. Classoutro



Hyenas In The Desert - Die Laughing EP (1996)

Esse disco foi lançado pela Slam Jamz Recods,gravadora do rapper Chuck D..esse álbum é pesadíssimo...porradaria total.

1. Elephant Graveyard
2. Can You Feel it
3. Wild Dogs
4. The Longest Night (Journal #1)
5. Concubinez
6. Why Me
7. Fresh Meat
8. Hyenas in the Desert
9. Other Side of Midnigh



sábado, 5 de março de 2011

Asylum 7 & Eddie Logix - Lights Out @ The Power Grid (2008)

01. Static
02. Son of the Rocklords
03. Warning
04. Self-Evident
05. 3M
06. Luv?!
07. Man Up
08. B-People Break
09. Saturdays
10. Whatever You Feel (feat. Midcoast Most)
11. Socializing
12. Live With the Red
13. Life Is the Reason
14. Thanksgiving
15. Campaign
16 Resistance (Outro)



Percy Filth - Elbow Grease EP (2009)

Maaano..esse Ep é muito muito muito muito bom...esta fazendo parte da minha trilha sonora desse carnaval...só baixar e conferir a qualidade do produto...

01.Out To Getcha (feat. Sonnyjim, Foreign Beggars & DJ Weetamix)
02.Electronic Music (feat. Juice Aleem, Madflow, Lotek & DJ Roc-1)
03.Livin Trife (feat. Maylay Sparks, K-Skills, DJ Jodo & Paladini)
04.The Power (feat. English & Sonnyjim)
05.Elbow Grease (feat. Stig Of The Dump, Sonnyjim, Dr Syntax & DJ Weetamix)
06.Bad Day (feat. Redbeard, Kosyne & DJ Cro)
07.Flesh N Blood (feat. Arsun Fist)
08.Thats Why (Remix) (feat. J-Sands & K-Skills)
09.Track Record (feat. Redbeard, Kosyne & DJ Cro)



sexta-feira, 4 de março de 2011

quinta-feira, 3 de março de 2011

J.Period, John Legend & The Roots - Wake Up! Radio (2011)

01. Prologue: Inner City Blues (feat. Black Thought & John Legend)
02. Rise & Shine (feat. Black Thought, Blu & John Legend)
03. Wake Up! Radio (Interlude) (feat. Black Thought)
04. Hard Times (J.Period Remix) (feat. Black Thought, John Legend & Dead Prez)
05. Dolla Out A Dime (Interlude) (feat. James Brown)
06. In The Ghetto (Wake Up!) (feat. Black Thought, Rakin & John Legend)
07. Little Ghetto Boy (J.Period Remix) (feat. Q-Tip, Black Thought, John Legend)
08. We Love Roll Call (Interlude) (feat. Nina Simone)
09. Misunderstood (feat. Common)
10. Message In Our Music (Interlude) (feat. Common & Mary J. Blige)
11. Eleanor Ridgby (Interlude)
12. Dillanor Ridby (J.Period Remix) (feat. Blu, Porn, Black Thought & John Legend)
13. The Wake Up! Players Band (Interlude) (feat. Questlove)
14. Compared To What (Interlude) (feat. Roberta Flack)
15. Comapred To What (J.Period Remix) (feat. John Legend)
16. Pain & Inspiration (Interlude) (feat. John Legend & Nina Simone)
17. Strange Fruit (Remix) (feat. Common, John Legend & Nina Simone)
18. Who’s Gonna Take The Weight (Interlude)
19. Walk On (J.Period Remix) (feat. Black Thought & Isaac Hayes)
20. Could The Drumme Have Some (Interlude)
21. In The Park (J.Period Remix) (feat. Black Thought)
22. Our Generation (Interlude) (feat. Ernie Hines)
23. Our Generation (J.Period Remix) (feat. John Legend, Pete Rock & CL Smooth)
24. Give Me That Message (Interlude) (feat. Sam Cooke)
25. Hang On In There (J.Period Remix) (feat. Black Thought & John Legend)
26. The Love Doctor (Interlude) (feat. Jimmy Fallon)
27. Love The Way It Should Be (J.Period Remix) (feat. Nneka)
28. Hey Love (Interlude) (feat. Posdnuos, Jimmy Fallon, Kanye West & K’Naan)
29. Ease My Troubling Min (Interlude) (feat. Sam Cooke)
30. People Get Ready (J.Period Remix) (feat. Aretha Franklin)
31. Wake Up! Radio Sign-Off (Outtro)
32. Epilogue Wake Up, Everybody! (feat. Mayda Del Valle)



terça-feira, 1 de março de 2011

DJ Spinna - Underground Forever (2010)

Só porrada da golden age...foda essa mixtape..

01. DJ Spinna Underground Forever Intro
02. Juggaknots Clear Blue Skies
03. Godfather Don Properties Of The Steel
04. JLive Braggin' Writes
05. Dutchman Get Your Swerve On
06. L. The Head Toucha Too Complex
07. AK Skills Nights Of Fear
08. The Eastbush Project Tried By 12
09. Non Phixion No Tomorrow
10. Old World Order 3hree6ix5ive feat. Eminem
11. Ugly Duckling Fresh Mode
12. The Basement Khemist Vibrate
13. Natural Resources Negro League Baseball
14. Mike Zoot High Drama feat. Mos Def
15. Shabaam Sahdeeq It Could Happen Any Time feat. Shadowz In The Dark
16. Street Smartz Mental Thugz feat. Pharoahe Monch And O.C
17. Shadez Of Brooklyn Survival Warz (When It Rains It Pours)
18. Mr. Voodoo Lyrical Tactics
19. Paula Perry Paula's Jam
20. Lace Da Booms=2 0 Cut That Weak Shit feat. Quasi Modo And Royal Flush
21. Saukrates Play This (Remix) feat. Common
22. I.G. Off And Hazardous This Aint Livin'
23. Jigmastas Beyond Real
24. Money Boss Players Players Pinnacle
25. Greg Nice Set It Off