terça-feira, 22 de fevereiro de 2011

Grap Luva - Elements of Grap

Compilação com alguns sons lançados pelo Grap luva...ele que fecha no bonde do Kev brown...

1. Beats & Rhymes
2. Break The Mold (Remix)
3. Untitled(feat. Kev brown)
4. Power Bars (feat. Kev Brown) (Produced by Kev Brown)
5. Real Definition
6. Trackrunners
7. Thinking Man's Session
8. Concrete Steps
9. Vibe (feat. Phonte)
10. Who Am I
11. Power Bars (Remix)
12. Make Moves
13. What Ruling Means
14. Won't Stop (Remix)
15. Take A Look
16. Word of Life
17. Keep On
18. Can't Stay Away (feat. Phonte) (Same song as Vibe, not sure why)
19. Touch The Sky
20. Time For A New Horizon
21. Check The Clock



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