quarta-feira, 27 de outubro de 2010

Big Remo and 9th Wonder - Entrapment (2010)

01. The Cast
02. What It Takes [Prod. By Khrysis]
03. Don’t Matter (Over There) [Prod. by AMP]
04. The Game (Tre 4) [Prod. by 9th Wonder]
05. Go (feat. 9thMatic) [Prod. by M-Phazes[
06. Wonderbread (feat. David Banner) [Prod. by 9th Wonder]
07. Mo Heat (Quiet Nights) [Prod. by Mo Heat]
08. Girls Most Wanted (feat. Colin Munroe) [Prod. by Young Guru]
09. Serenity [Prod. by Eric G.]
10. Go Ladies (feat. Robert Alred of The Dynamic Five) [Prod. by Robert Alred and 9th Wonder]
11. Woop Woop (Stand Back) (feat. Ricky Ruckus,9thMatic) [Prod. by 9th Wonder]
12. Entrapment [Prod. by Khrysis]
13. What Is Your Name (feat. Mela Machinko) [Prod. by Fatin]
14. It’s Like That [Prod. by The J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League]
15. Grown Man Biz [Prod. by E. Jones]
16. Without You [Prod. by Ka$h]
17. Nothing’s Gonna Stop (feat. Tyler Woods) [Prod. by E. Jones]




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