domingo, 21 de março de 2010

Cook - Towards The Future (2010)

Trilha sonora do final de semana....

1. Rise N Shine (feat. Inverse)
2. The Only Way to Be( feat. Noah King)
3. Things Will Change (feat. Noah King)
4. The Struggle (feat. Nieve & Jean Curley)
5. No Show (feat. Avriel Epps & Tunji)
6. The Good Ol Days (feat. Jean Curley)
7. Just Be Me (feat. Sene & Peter Hadar)
8. Towards the Future (feat. Tunji & Deacon)
9. Don’t Say Anything (feat. Outasight)
10. Everything is Beautiful (feat. Inverse & Noah King)
11. Destination Somewhere (feat. Outasight)
12. Underneath the Stars (feat. Tunji)
13. Baby, Don’t Worry (feat. Noah King & Jean Curley)
14. The Warriors (feat. Aloe Blacc)
15. What I Know (feat. Outasight)
16. What Goes Up (feat. Nieve)
17. Deep Breaths (feat. Jean Curley)



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