sábado, 18 de julho de 2015

Kam Moye (Supastition) - Splitting Image (2009) [RE-UPADO]

Muito bom esse álbum...Supastition tem a manha pra escolher os beats..além de possuir um ótimo flow..as produções ficaram a cargo de Jake One, Illmind, Marco Polo, Khrysis, M-Phazes, Symbolic One....

1. RE: Born
2. Reality Check
3. Stars (Feat. John Robinson)
4. Splitting Image (Feat. Neenah)
5. Imani
6. Hello Karma (Feat. Phonte & Ayah)
7. No Substitute
8. Let's Be Honest
9. Don't Forget (Feat. Tiffany Paige)
10. Do What It Takes (Feat. Buff 1)
11. Nobody's Fool (Feat. Tenille)
12. Give Out, Give In
13. Life Line (Feat. One Be Lo)
14. MK-Ultra (Feat. Baba Zumbi Of Zion I)
15. Forever Fresh


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