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Gang Starr - Full Clip A Decade of Gang Starr (1999)

Full Clip: A Decade Of Gang Starr é uma coletânea, apresentando 33 músicas lançadas pelo duo de Hip Hop, Gang Starr, entre 1989 e 1999. O álbum inclui 21 faixas tiradas de seus cinco álbuns, oito das quais antes só estavam disponiveis em trilhas sonoras, e singles de vinil, e três novas faixas gravadas ("Full Clip", "Discipline", "All 4 Tha Ca$h"). A compilação foi certificada Ouro pela RIAA em 19 de agosto de 1999.

01. Intro
02. Full Clip
03. Discipline (Feat. Total)
04. Words I Manifest (Remix)
05. Ex Girl To Next Girl
06. I'm The Man (Feat. Lil' Dap & Jeru The Damaja)
07. Mass Appeal
08. Jazz Thing (Video Version)
09. The Militia (Feat. Big Shug & Freddie Foxxx)
10. Tonz 'O' Gunz
11. Royalty (Feat. K-Ci & JoJo)
12. Who's Gonna Take the Weight?
13. You Know My Steez
14. Above The Clouds (Feat. Inspectah Deck)
15. Just To Get A Rep
16. DWYCK (Feat. Nice & Smooth)


01. All 4 Tha Ca$h
02. Step In The Arena
03. Work
04. Soliloquy Of Chaos
05. Take It Personal
06. Speak Ya Clout (Feat. Lil' Dap & Jeru The Damaja)
07. Gotta Get Over
08. ½ & ½ (Feat. M.O.P.)
09. The ? Remainz
10. Code Of The Streets
11. So Wassup?!
12. Now You're Mine
13. Betrayal (Feat. Scarface)
14. B.Y.S.
15. Credit Is Due
16. The Militia (Remix) (Feat. WC & Rakim)
17. You Know My Steez (Remix) (Feat. Lady Of Rage & Kurupt)



quinta-feira, 28 de maio de 2009


Isaac Hayes - Bumpy's Lament

Erikah Badu - Bad lady

Dr. dre - Xplosive

Special Delivery 4 : MesrineE Taste

Devo confessar que quando tive a idéia de abrir espaço pra rapaziada ma mandar uns sons pra eu postar aqui no blog ,a minha intenção era divulgar o rap feito aqui no Brasil,ou até mesmo os trampos feitos pelos dj daqui...mas po,a primeira parada qua chegou pra mim foi essa mixtape por um dj da França...mano,não entendi nada quando recebi esse email...cara,meu humilde blog ja chegou la na Europa?O nome do cara que me enviou esse mix é Dj Keri Free,e como eu havia dito,estou postando o trabalho do cara....

1. Buckshot Lefonque- Breakfast @ Denny's (Uptown verion) prod. Dj Premier
2. Boom Bap Project - All I have left
3. 50 Cent - Riding throught the hood ft. Brooklyn
4. Kenn Starr - Kenn Starr
5. Jay Dee - Grannie (instrumental)
6. Lord Jamar - The corner, the streets ft. Grand Puba
7. J-Zone - Calamine lotion pt.3 (instru)
8. Hezekiah - You ft. Slum Village
9. Masta Ace & Guru - Conflict (ILLmind rmx)
10. Masta Ace & Guru - Conflict (Dj Premier rmx)
11. Jurassic 5 - Join the dots ft. Roots Manuva
12. Insight - Outcome ft. Mr.Lif & Dacha
13. Smiley Da Ghetto Child - The Wake up call (prod. Dj Premier)
14. Cassidy - Comme toi (inédit)
15. Kev Brown - Siberian bearclaw (instru)
16. Kev Brown - Changes ft. Kaimbr
17. Grap Luva - Untitled ft. Kero & Profile (prod. Kev Brown)
18. Funky D.L. - Keeping it classic
19. Exile - Silver moon
20. The Roots - New years at Jay Dees ft. Blackthought (prod. Jay Dee)
21. Cesar Comanche - J-Villyrical + rmx Pure 9th
22. Esoteric Celph & Apathy - Devastating Mc's
23. Ty - Do you want more ?!? ft. Roots Manuva



quarta-feira, 27 de maio de 2009


Jamal - Keep ir real

Will smith - chasing forever

Black milk - Tronic (2008)

Esse maluco é foda...discipulo número um do mestre Dilla...

1. Long Story Short (ft. Dwele)
2. Bounce
3. Give the Drummer Sum
4. Without U (ft. Colin Munroe)
5. Hold it Down
6. Losing Out (ft. Royce 5'9)
7. Hell Yeah
8. Overdose
9. Reppin for U ft. AB
10. The Matrix (ft. Pharoahe Monch, Sean Price, Dj Premier)
11. Try
12. Tronic Summer
13. Bond 4 Life (Music) (ft. Melanie Rutherford)
14. Elec (Outro)



Tha Alkaholiks - Likwidation (1997)

Grupo formado em 1990 pelos mc's Tash ,J-Ro e o Dj E-Swift...todos são da costa oeste dos Eua,mais precisamente de Los Angeles...esse foi o terceiro álbum do grupo....

1. AA Meeting Intro
2. Likwidation
3. Captain Hook L
4. Nas Skit
5. Tore Down (feat. LOOT PACK)
6. Off The Wall (feat. KEITH MURRAY)
7. Killin' It (feat. XZIBIT)
8. LL Cool J Skit
9. Feel The Real
10. Hip Hop Drunkies (feat. OL' DIRTY BASTARD)
11. Aww Shit!
12. J-Ro Late Skit
13. Keep It Pourin'
14. Likwit Ridas (feat. THE WHORIDAS)
15. Funny Style (feat. KING T)
16. Commercial Skit
17. All Night
18. DeBarge Skit
19. Pass Out
20. 20th Caller Skit
21. Rockin' With The Best (feat. PHIL DA AGONY)
22. Contents Unda Pressure



segunda-feira, 25 de maio de 2009

Innersoul - The Theory (1996)

Mais uma pedrada da década de 90...

1. What About Your Soul
2. How Ya Gonna Do It
3. It's the Right Time
4. Looking For Survival
5. Recognize
6. Whoiszim
7. Rooftop
8. Jump on It
9. All the Way to Music
10. What Is It (Jazz or Hip-Hop)
11. A Different Type of Brother
12. Young & Ready
13. It's the Right Time (Remix)
14. The Theory of Zen



De la soul - Art Official Intelligence: Mosaic Thump ( 2000 )

Esse é um daqueles grupos,que devido a trgetória respeitosa no rap,dispensa qualquer comentário....

1. Intro/Say R.
2. U Can Do (Life)
3. My Writes (feat. Tash & J-Ro)
4. Oooh (feat. Redman)
5. Thru Ya City (feat. D.V. Alias Khrist)
6. I.C. Y'All (feat. Busta Rhymes)
7. View
8. Set The Mood (feat. Indeed)
9. All Good? (feat. Chaka Khan)
10. Declaration
11. Squat! (feat. Mike D and Ad Rock)
12. Words From The Chief Rocker (feat. Busy Bee)
13. With Me
14. Copa (Cabanga)
15. Foolin'
16. The Art Of Getting Jumped
17. U Don't Wanna B.D.S. (feat. Freddie Foxx)



Sway and King Tech feat. DJ Revolution- This or That (1999)

Otra parada que também fiquei ouvindo no final de semana..porrada essa mix..
ps: faixa 5 infelizmente estava faltando,então tive que improvisar...

1 Reality Check (Feat. DJ Premier , Guru)
2 Warning
3 The Number One Crew
4 Cyrus
5 The Anthem (Feat. Chino XL , Eminem , Jayo Felony , KRS-One , Kool G Rap , Pharoahe Monch , RZA , Tech N9ne , Xzibit)
6 Rev's Intro
7 Rework The Angles (Featuring - AG , Defari , Dilated Peoples , Xzibit )
8 My Name Is (Outro Mix)
9 Canibus Remix (Feat. Canibus)
10 NY Niggaz (Feat. Guru)
11 Above The Clouds (Feat. Gang Starr)
12 Underground Tactics (Feat. Crooked Eye* , Heltah Skeltah , Planet Asia
13 Improvise (Feat. Jurassic 5)
14 I Know You Got Soul (Feat. Eric B. & Rakim)
15 Looking At The Front Door (Feat. Main Source)
16 They Reminisce Over You (T.R.O.Y.) (Feat. Pete Rock & C.L. Smooth)
17 Court Is In Session (Feat. Chill Rob G)
18 So What Ya Sayin' (Feat. EPMD)
19 Ugly People Be Quiet (Feat. Cash Money & Marvelous)
20 Ego Trippin' 99 (Feat. Kool Keith , Motion Man)
21 3 To The Dome (Feat. Big Daddy Kane , Chino XL , Kool G Rap)
22 Get You Mad (Feat. Eminem)
23 You Wanna Battle
24 Remix (Feat. Black Thought , Ill-Advised , Malik B. , Rasheed)
25 Clientele (Feat. Dirty Unit)
26 Belly Of The Beast (Feat. RZA as Bobby Digital)
27 KRS-One Intro (Feat. KRS-One)
28 Chali 2NA Freestyle (Feat. Chali 2NA)
29 Canibus Freestyle (Feat. Canibus)
30 Redman Freestyle (Feat. Redman)
31 Sonja Blade Freestyle (Feat. Sonja Blade)
32 Wake Up Show Trivia



Roddy Rod - Blunt Park Sessions (2008)

Essa foi a trilha sonora do meu final de semana...disco totalmente produzido pelo Dj Roddy rod, integrante do grupo Maspyke...muito foda!!!!!!!

1. Intro (feat. Grap Luva)
2. Rudesquire (feat. Muhsinah / Hanis-hum)
3. Whip (feat. Kaimbar)
4. Take In Stride
5. Goins On Interlude (feat. Choppy Choppe)
6. Neva Find Me (feat. Y.U. / Finale)
7. Geeda Speaks (Interlude)
8. Mouth Water (feat. Cy Young / Cronkite)
9. Get Down (feat. Kaimbar / Kev Brown / IQ)
10. Money On The Clck (feat. Oddisee)
11. Rated R (Inderlude)
12. Original Sound Buoy (feat. Cy Young)
13. Trouble Lurkin Low (feat. Kev Brown / Cy Young)
14. Ligving Conditions (feat. Eric Krasno)
15. Geeda Speaks II (Interlude)
16. 1 Min To Rep (Plainfield) (feat. Ekoz The Bounty)
17. Lil' Louder (feat. Asheru)
18. Actions Show (Ya Talkin) (feat. Y.U.)
19. Exit Thee Park! (feat. Grap Luva)



quinta-feira, 21 de maio de 2009

The Notorious B.I.G. and Frank Sinatra - Blue Eyes Meets Bed Stuy (2005)

Essa junção foi foda,o que parecia improvável se realizou,graça ao trabalho dos Djs cappel e smitty...sons clássicos do grande B.I.G,remixados com sampler do Frank minha opinão esse é um classico...

1. Juicy (sampler: New York, New York)
2. Everyday Struggle (sampler: A Day In)
3. Nasty Boy (sampler: For Every Man)
4. Come On (sampler: My Way Of Life)
5. Interlude (sampler: The World We Know)
6. Dead Wrong (sampler: In My Room)
7. Let's Get It On (sampler: Rain In My)
8. Hypnotize (sampler: Little Green Apple)
9. Interlude
10. 10 Crack Commandments (sampler: Fools Rush In)
11. Runnin' (sampler: A Long Night)
12. Unfoolish (sampler: Out Beyond)



quarta-feira, 20 de maio de 2009

9th wonder - Instrumentais

Atendendo ao pedido do irmão Filipe farias,vou postar um álbum(triplo) só de beats do 9th wonder...acho que ele não era o único qua tava querendo essa parada...então, são 104 beats divididos em 3cds...pra quem se amarra nos instrumentais do cara ,pra quem curte fazer um freestyle,pra quem curte fazer um remix ou pra quem se inspira no 9th na hora de fazer um beat esses cds são um prato moral...9th wonder é foda!!!

ps: não achei a capa desse álbum,nem a tracklist...foi mal.





terça-feira, 19 de maio de 2009

Hi-Teknology 2: The Chip (2006)

Continuação do aclamado trabalho lançado em 2001...o esquema é o mesmo...a lista de mc's que participaram desse álbum está um pouco diferente(ou melhor muito diferente) do primeiro,mas a qualidade continua excepcional...

1. The Oracle (intro)
2. The Chip
3. Keep It Moving Feat. DION, Q-TIP, KURUPT
4. Think I Got A Beat Feat. LIL' TONE
5. Can We Go Back Feat. TALIB KWELI, AYAK
7. March Feat. BUSTA RHYMES
9. 1-800-homicide Feat. THE GAME, DION
10. Money Don't Make U Rich Feat. STRONG ARM STEADY
11. Baby We Can Do It Feat. NOK, HAZE
12. Let It Go Feat. DION, TALIB KWELI
13. People Going Down Feat. THE WILLIE COTTRELL BAND



Double Helix - Soundproof (2003)

Curte ai....

01 Word of Mouth
02 Homegrown
03 Soundproof
04 Words of Wisdom
05 SoundAdvice
06 Droppin Some Ish
07 Back 2 Basics
08 Stroke of Genius
09 Smoke Signals
10 Cornerstore Mathematics
11 Divine Intervention (feat. Nelson Sanchez)
12 One Blood (Revisited)
13 Lost Art
14 Old and Grey
15 Cast Off Skin
16 A Dream Becomes Reality
17 S.I.G.H.T.
18 A Toast
19 Hidden Track



domingo, 17 de maio de 2009

M.O.P. - Firing Squad (1996)

Rimas agrassivas e beats precisos do Premier....essa é a formula...

1. Intro
2. Firing Squad (Skit)
3. Firing Squad
4. New Jack City -
5. Stick to Ya Gunz
6. Anticipation
7. Born 2 Kill
8. Salute
9. World Famous
10. Downtown Swinga ('96)
11. Lifestyles of a Ghetto Child
12. Revolution
13. Illside of Town
14. Nothin' 2 Lose
15. Dedication
16. Dead and Gone



Skillz - The Million Dollar Backpack (2008)

Skillz é um maluco que eu curto a muuito amarro no flow do cara,apavorante desde a época de ouro do rap...confesso que esse passou desapercebido por mim ano passado....porrada!!!

01. The Million Dollar Backpack (Intro) (Prod. by DJ Jazzy Jeff)
02. Where I Been (Prod. by Jake One)
03. Don't Act Like You Don't Know feat. Freeway (Prod. by Orthodox)
04. So Far So Good feat. Common (Prod. by Usef Dinero)
05. Sick (Prod. by Kwame & A Kid Named Cus)
06. (For Real) He Don't Own Me (Prod. by Bink)
07. My Phone (Prod. by Fusion Unlimited & E-Flat)
08. Yeah Ya Know It (Prod. by Khari Ferrari & Skillz)
09. Hold Tight feat. Black Thought (Prod. by ?uestlove & James Poyser)
10. Crazy World (Prod. by Khari Ferrari & Skillz)
11. I'm Gon' Make It (Prod. by Bink)
12. Be Alright (Prod. by Fusion Unlimited & E-Flat)
13. Hip Hop Died (Prod. by Khari Ferrari & Skillz)
14. Preachin' To The Choir (Prod. by Jimmy "Slim" Rose)



quinta-feira, 14 de maio de 2009

Less Than Three - Sick Of Love Songs (2008)

Mais um pouquinho de jazz-rap...

1. Intro
2. Brown Skin Ladies Ft. Jan Swift
3. Open Mic Ft. Future Sound
4. Lessons Learned
5. Deez Notes
6. Its Wrong Ft. DR.CSK
7. F.A.V. (F*ck A Valentines)
8. Just Like You
9. & Me
10. Wonder Ft. Eklipz
11. Whats Mines Not Yours
12. Cry Ft. Jerrel Cayo
13. & You
14. Hallway Love Ft. Scotty D
15. Love Sound
16. Love Sound (Outro)
17. Heaven Kind Of Feeling (Bonus Track)
18. Keep Passin' (Bonus Track



terça-feira, 12 de maio de 2009

Poetic Republic - The Natural Progression Of Things (2008)

Grupo formado por Ahp Qwes e Rembrandt(mc's), Angelo Huff(baixo), Asante Allison Jr.(bateria), Ceven(dj) e Frank "Soul" Lewis(teclado)...muito bom o som dos caras,um misto de Jazz-rap, com o Boom bap norte americano da "Golden era"...porrada!!!!
ps: ai kong,não esqueci de tu não parceiro...

2.Move On
6.Beautiful Nobodies
7.Wake Up
8.Blaque Musique
9.The Cold Hard
10.Foolish Society
13.Dirty Go-Go
14. All The Girls
15.Pale Horse
16.The Goodness
17.The Conquering
19.What She Illustrates
20.The Anthem
21.Irreconcilable Differences
22.A Natural Ending?



Theory Hazit - Extra Credit (2007)

Esse também não conhecia,mas bastou ouvir pela primeira vez que o vicio foi instantâneo...uma porrada atrás da outra.... recomendadissimo!!!!

01. Lesson In Power
02. Gossip Synopsis
03. Mrs. Hazit
04. Emit Gninrut (Turning Time)
05. I Just Wanna Go Home
06. Dumb Dunces (feat. K-Drama)
07. Extra Credit
08. Hello Kiddeez
09. T-Minus Ten
10. After School Special (feat. Sojourn, Just Me)
11. I.O.U. (feat. Braille)
12. Another Day
13. Decisions (feat. Sivion, Holmskillit)
14. Out With a Bang (feat. Sharlok Poems)
15. Ghetto



Amanda divas - Life expererience (2008)

Da hora esse "epezinho" e flows bem traquilos .....

1. Life Experience Intro
2. Bright Lights
3. Supa-Woman
4. 40 MC’s
5. Windows Over Harlem
6. Brown Girl
7. New School Old School Interlude
8. I Know (Better World)
9. Life To Love Outro
10. Crazy World (Bonus Track)


40 MC'S

sábado, 9 de maio de 2009

Lucy Pearl - Lucy Pearl (2000)

Um dos poucos grupos de R&B que eu curto...esse era formado por Ali Shaheed Muhammad(dj do A tribe called quest) ,Joi e Raphael Saadiq....

01- Lucy Pearls Way
02- Trippin
03- Dance Tonight
04- LALA
06- Cant Stand Your Mother
07- Good Love
08- Without You
09- Dont Mess With My Man
10- Hollywood
11- Remember The Times
12- They Cant
13- Do It For The People
14- You Ft. Snoop Dogg & Q-Tip
15- Lucy Pearl Tells



Yu - Before taxes (2009)

Curte ai.....

01. Before Taxes Intro (prod. by Slimkat78)
02. Beats & Rhymes From March 25 (Kick Styles) (prod. by yU)
03. Almost Time (prod. by Kev Brown)
04. Thought About It (prod. by yU)
05. BreakDown feat. Bilal Salaam (prod. by Bilal Salaam)
06. Corners feat. EyeQ (prod. by yU)
07. The Up & Up (prod. by Slimkat78)
08. Close feat. Isabella Banneker (prod. by Slimkat78)
09. Fine (prod. by yU)
10. Lunchin’ (prod. by Oddisee)
11. Native (prod. by Slimkat78 & yU)
12. Memory feat. ERK (prod. by yU)
13. The Rock (prod. by Slimkat78)
14. InTheReign feat. EyeQ & Omun (prod. by yU)
15. MmHmm (prod. by yU)
16. Brainwash feat. Grap Luva, Op Swamp 81, and Finale (prod by Slimkat78)



quinta-feira, 7 de maio de 2009

Erick sermon - Chilltown, New York (2004)

Mais um clássico...esse fazia tempo que não ouvia...ainda lembro quando a música Feel it era hit obrigatório em todas as festas black do rj...ô saudade....

01. Home (Intro)
02. Wit Ee’s
03. Relentless
04. Jackin’ For Rhymes
05. Street Hop (feat. Redman & Tre)
06. Chillin’ (feat. Talib Kweli & Whip Montez)
07. Like Me (feat. Sy Scott & Khari)
08. Matrix (Skit)
09. God Sent
10. I’m Not Him
11. Mc One Bar (Skit)
12. Feel It (feat. Sy Scott & Sean paul)
13. Future Thug (feat. Redman & 11-29)
14. Do You Know
15. Listen (feat. Sy Scott & Keith Murray)
16. Hip Hop (Skit)
17. Can U Hear Me Now



Soulution - Shine Through (2009)

Porrada!!!!! Mais uma pedra de 2009...pelo time de rimadores ja da pra ter uma noção do peso do álbum....

01. Intro (feat. Brotha Soul)
02. Soul Shine (feat. Mr. J Medeiros, Supastition, Bahamadia & Nicole Amina)
03. The Hill (feat. Sivion)
04. Yao Ming (feat. Project Move)
05. I Been (feat. Rhema Soul)
06. Drive (feat. Median, Braile & Sivion)
07. Hey Now (feat. Project Move)
08. Fragment (feat. Juanlove)
09. Shine Through (feat. Supastition)
10. The Whole World (feat. Anonymous)
11. Moodswing (feat. Talib Kweli & Asheru)
12. Open Your Window (feat. Stacy Epps & Rita J)
13. Anthem (feat. Project Move)
14. Who Am I (Feat. Freddie Bruno, Sivion, Playdough & Brotha Soul)
15. Love Life (feat. El Gambina)
16. The Whole World Remix (feat. Anonymous)



quarta-feira, 6 de maio de 2009


Michael Jackson - I Can't Help It

De la soul - Breakadawn

Fabulous - Baby

Canto l - while you were sleeping (2008)

Mais um descoberto pela net....

1. 6 00 Am
2. Think They Know
3. One Two
4. Pardon the Dust
5. The Flats
6. Same Ole' Thing
7. To the Sky! (Feat Has-Lo)
8. I Do Still Love H E R
9. Death Connection
10. Current Status (Feat Lacy Redhead)
11. While You Were Sleeping
12. Progress
3. Lets Get Up (Feat Tree Woodz)
14. Ps (Note to Self)



AZ - 9 Lives (2001)

Na moral...a faixa 6 : problems é um dos meus sons preferidos do Az...

01. Intro
02. What Cha Day About (Feat. Ali Vegas)
03. I Don't Give A Fuck
04. At Night
05. AZ's Back
06. Problems
07. Everything's Everything (Feat. Joe)
08. That's Real (Feat. Beanie Sigel)
09. What Y'All Niggas Want (Feat. Foxy Brown)
10. Let's Toast
11. How Many Wanna (Feat. Amil)
12. Love Me
13. Quiet Money TBS
14. Outro



terça-feira, 5 de maio de 2009

Oddisee - 102 (2008)

Continuação do trabalho lançado em 2007...

01. The Beginning (feat. Hezekiah & Muhsinah )
02. Memory Lane (Remix)
03. Represent feat. Kenn Starr & Akir
04. Life's Pie (feat. Don Will, Fresh Daily & Finale)
05. Sand To The Beach feat. Ave.To
06. Random Verse (feat. Kev Brown)
07. Chain Letter (feat. Zion I & Kay )
08. Book Of Days (feat. SoulStice)
09. iHate Rap
10. Can I Catch A Break (feat. Unknown & Mudd )
11. I'm Gone (Remix)
12. Searchin' (feat. Yu )
13. Bonus Beat



segunda-feira, 4 de maio de 2009

Vimby and Uponthingz present : The New Classics (2009)

Na moral...serei eternamente grato ao meu parceiro Guih ,por ter me possibilitado ouvir essa mixtape...sem palavras pra decrever os sons que recheiam esse álbum certeza absuluta esse álbum vai ser um dos melhores do ano....

01 The Introduction (produced by Cook Classics)
02 What I Know feat. Outasight (produced by Cook Classics)
03 Cali Girls feat. Shawn Jackson (produced by Cook Classics and MPhazes))
04 Don't Tell Me to Go feat. Avriel Epps and Emilio Rojas (produced by Cook Classics)
05 Street Life feat. Sean Price, Sha Stimuli, and Cymarshall Law (produced by Cook Classics)
06 Def 82 feat. Buff1, Tiron, and Ayomari (produced by Cook Classics)
07 The L-O feat. Co$$ (produced by Cook Classics)
08 On_Off Switch feat. Pac Div, Dom Kennedy, and Mykel (produced by Cook Classics)
09 Right Now feat. Amanda Diva (produced by Cook Classics)
10 Sydney feat. Tiron and Ayomari (produced by Cook Classics)
11 Rise and Shine feat. Inverse (produced by Cook Classics)
12 I Can't Help It feat. Emilio Rojas and DMinor (produced by Cook Classics)
13 Pitch Me to You feat. Che Grande, Donwill, Theo, and Peter Hadar (produced by Cook Classics)
14 Rewind feat. Print and Jesse Boykin III (produced by Cook Classics)
15 What Goes Up feat. Nieve (produced by Cook Classics)
16 Give it Away feat. 6th Sense and Wildabeast (produced by Cook Classics)
17 Dirty Girl feat. Miguel (produced by Cook Classics)
18 The Warriors feat. Aloe Blacc (produced by Cook Classics)
19 Night Nurse Remix feat. UNI (produced by Cook Classics)
**Bônus track
20 Demons feat. Harlems Cash (prod. by Goverment)
21 Stereo feat. Diz Gibran (prod. by Moonshine)
22 Long Time Coming feat. Trek Life (prod. by Oddisee)
23 Mass Appeal Remix feat. Shawn Jackson, Tunji, El Prez, and Convinced (prod. by J Keys)
24 Remember feat. Fashawn (prod. by Black Friday)
25 Obsessed feat. Young De and Ca$his (prod. by Cook Classics)
26 Breathing In A Smoggy City feat. Kyle Lucas (prod. by Cook Classics)


BAIXAR bônus