quarta-feira, 15 de abril de 2009

The Dynospectrum - The Dynospectrum (1999)

Grupo formado por Beyond (musab),Slug (of Atmosphere), Swift (of Phull Surkle) e I Self Devine (of Atlanta, Georgia's Micranots crew)...esse foi o primeiro e único álbum dos caras....

1. You Can Lose Your Mind
2. Introspectrum
3. Headphone Static
4. Permanent on Surfaces
5. Breath of Fresh
6. The Winter Moon
7. Brief Interlude
8. Appearing Live
9. Southside Myth
10. Traction
11. Decompression Chamber
12. Evidence of Things Not Seen
13. Superior Friends
14. I Wouldn't Want You to Die Uninformed
15. Tenfold
16. Anything Is Everything
17. Armor



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